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My Dodger Page
Eric, Cynthia (me!) and Kyle.
Dodger Stadium 2005.
Link to official Dodger website
If you have ever been to a Dodger game....you will "get" why I have beach balls in here.
Syndey Dodger Game April 22, 2006
Joe  & Esther goofing aroung at a game! August 10, 2006
(left) Eric & Erica 
(below) Cynthia (me!) & Melissa
         August  8th, 2006
oh...yeah...those silly Dodgers messing around in the background again!!
Kyle & Erin  hanging outside the Dodger Clubhouse. Boy! Olmedo Saenz  will do anything to get in a picture!!  ----->
         July 9th, 2006
Kyle's Birthday Party April 22, 2006