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Our family has been a part of California's history for four generations.

          My fathers parents were born in Zacatecas. His father, Loretto Aguilar,
was born in 1886 and made his living as a carpenter and a building planner.
His mother, Juana Picon, was born in 1890 and took care of the home.
They were married and moved to El Paso, Texas to get away from the Revolution
that was taking place in Mexico. Later, they  relocated to California.
My father, Joseph, was born in Los Angeles in 1919. After my Grandfather, Loretto
passed away, my Grandma Juana married Phillipe Rojas. Phillipe made his living
manufacturing roofing materials.
           My maternal great-grandparents were also from Chihuahua,
with the exception of my great-grandfather Roberto Mendez who was
born in Mexico City. He was a professional musician and a carpenter
and was married to Felicidas Porras, a homemaker. Their son,
my grandfather, Eugene was born in 1887. He also was a professional
musician and he later went on to retire from the Wisconsin Philharmonic
Orchestra.  My grandmother, Ramona Molina, was born in 1892 in
Chihuahua. Her parents were Catalina Flores, a homemaker, and
Rodrigo Molina , a stone cutter. My
grandparents Eugene and Ramona
also moved to El Paso where my mother,
Esther Mendez,  was born in 1920.

My parents met and married in Los Angeles and had 8 children.
At this time, they now have 20 grandchildren and 28 great-grandchildren,
1 great-great grandchild and 1 more on the way!

This website is for all of my brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews
and their children to share and enjoy. I hope my friends will enjoy it as well.
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I hope someday to create a family tree to include my aunts and uncles,
cousins and their families.    
  - Cynthia Lee Aguilar
Aguilar Family
My brothers and sisters!
This picture was taken in 1961 in our home on Ave.19 & Main Street in Lincoln Heights, an East Los Angeles neighborhood. 

From top left : David, Dolores, Charlie, Joe (baby), Ray.
From bottom left : Elizabeth, Cynthia, Diana

Here we are again about 29 years later at my niece Andrea's wedding in Orange County, Ca.
Starting from left : Dolores, Charlie, Liz, Joe, Cynthia, David, Diana, Ray Sr., Mom & Dad. .

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Joe & Esther Aguilar
Joe & Esther Aguilar 1998 
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